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Top 3 Strangest Christmas Presents. Ever.



They could be delivered from old Aunt Nelly with the dodgy eye or even the neighbours across the road, but everyone gets strange Christmas presents. These ‘gifts’ could vary from a hand-made sweater with reindeers and Santa dancing on the front (Bridget Jones’ Diary anyone?) or simply another hand lotion which has obviously been re-gifted and still has the discounted price tag on the back.

Bridget Jones' Diary Sweaters

Bridget Jones’ Diary, anyone?

So, with the Christmas spirit floating around, I have compiled a short list of the top three strangest Christmas presents that I’ve ever received.

  1. Two wire coat hangers from my Grandmother. The same gift she gave my mum a decade ago. Tip: Wire coat hangers are never ‘on trend’.
  2. Underwear and a singlet from my Dad.
  3. Pool toys from my Aunt. We don’t even own a pool.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this strange Christmas fever. I often wonder what runs through people’s minds when they give gifts like the ones above.

‘Gee – I really think Abby would like two wire coat hangers for Christmas to hang up all the pretty clothes she gets from other people. Though, I don’t want to spoil her with a whole packet, she might get a bit greedy.’

That’s how I imagine it. Totally logical to them. Totally illogical to us.

But it’s the thought that counts, right?

What is your top three strangest Christmas presents, or does your list go on for longer than three? Have you ever given a strange Christmas present, why? Do you believe that it is the thought that counts?


WARNING: Embarrassing



It is the duty parents must think they should fulfil. That duty could take place when you are young, or when you grow older, as they can bask in the heat which radiates from your burning hot, embarrassed face. But beware, at some point, your parents will embarrass you.

Every parent (or sibling) has their own style. Are they cruel enough to do it publically or privately, when you’re younger or older and is it so embarrassing that your life could come to an end?

Embarrassing Parents Dancing

Anyone seen this scene before?

I know of many friends whose parents have tried to act really young and hip, and that’s been the embarrassing moment. Others have had parents who really and intentionally embarrassed them and then there is the sad parent and the unfortunate child who don’t even know they’re embarrassing each other. For example, a girl in grade 11 caught our school bus, occasionally. Her mother would always wait at the bus stop with her and try to talk to all the kids there. But one day, one cruel day where even I was embarrassed, was when that mum got onto the bus. Yes, she got onto the bus. In her pyjamas and pink dressing gown. I know by now you’re wanting the story to stop here but it can’t. The truth must be told. Her mum then walked up the bus to say hello to all the kids – some being grade 12 men, that she remembers from when they were ‘tiny tots’. The worst part of it all, her daughter in grade 11 didn’t even care. Not a jot. ‘It was normal’.

I don’t think I have a story that even compares slightly to that. I asked my parents and they said they’d never intentionally embarrassed us, at an older age (yet). Only when we were young and couldn’t understand why they were making us stand on top of the seat at the train station and flap our ears so the train could come faster. That sort of stuff. Anyway, there is one story which still results in my face burning extremely red.
It was pyjama day at our school and I was in grade two. (Just to let you know, when that girl’s mum got on the bus, it wasn’t pyjama day.) Basically, every child, and some teachers, could come to school in their pyjamas. I was happily entertained by the idea that I would have to do no changing from my bed clothes to my school clothes and therefore the hour which I woke up could be pushed back. My mum dropped me off at school as usual and she drove home. But unfortunately, that’s not where the story ends. My mum came back to school later that day to be a ‘helper’ . She came dressed in her pyjamas. With bunny rabbits all over them. And purple, fluffy slippers. No other ‘helper’ had worn pyjamas. With bunny rabbits all over them. And purple, fluffy slippers. I thought my life could end at that moment. Until mum turned around. On her bottom, she had accidentally ripped the pyjama pants at the gate and left a gaping hole for everyone in that room to take a look at the lilac underpants which she had (thankfully) worn. It was there that I realised my life was not about to end, but it was already ending.

When have your parents embarrassed you? Or, when have you embarrassed your kids? Have you embarrassed your sibling/s?

Christmas Presents for Friends?



I have no hidden message. I am not trying to hurt you. I am not trying to tell you that I secretly don’t like you. But if I don’t get you a Christmas present, it’s because I don’t give out Christmas presents, anymore. The biggest cause of my reason to cease in the present giving, are the people whom I gave them to. So, I have decided to list my reasons why this present giving has just stopped, as an explanation to all those affected by my decision!

  1. It’s always a gamble in the selection of the present. For example, let’s say the person you’re buying for is a huge One Direction fan. Do you add to their memorabilia or is it better to think of something more original, instead of taking the easy option? Then, will they even recognise the thought and effort you have put in, to get an original gift, and not another poster of all the cheery One Direction boys looking at her while she sleeps? And, there it is. As soon as you feel worried about what your friend will think of your gift, is where the spirit of giving presents – the celebration of Christmas, is lost. The greatest present that we can give a friend is unconditionally showing them love, loyalty, respect and honesty. If you have really placed thought into their gift, then it truly is the thought that counts.
  2.  How evenly and thoughtfully do you give gifts? I always found it hard to evenly distribute presents to my friends. One year, I tried being fair and equally spending my money for about six or seven friends and buying similar presents. However, the fault here is that your best friend could validly expect a more valuable present than the girl who has only been sitting with you for the past two weeks. Actually, do you even give her a present?

After that dismal Christmas season, I tried prioritising friends and rightfully giving more valuable and thoughtful gifts to those who are most important to me and giving less sentimental presents to others. You’ve already figured it out. That girl who had only sat with us for two weeks wasn’t happy.

3. My efforts, money and value placed on the friend aren’t often reciprocated. I am not asking my friend to buy me a yearly pass to Disneyland (with return tickets), but is it wrong to ask that they at least put       thought into my gift? My answer is no. For example, on the last day of school I gave my best friend a framed photo (pricing: $40) which read inspirational thoughts, with the consideration that she was handling some difficult situations both in school and out. The next year, she presented me with a broken bath bomb. I DON’T EVEN OWN A BATH!

Bad Christmas Present
Have you ever felt this way before?

That is where it hurts. She doesn’t have to buy me something worth anything close to $40, but I am asking for something that shows the value of our friendship.

Too many times, this has happened to me. And, in most of the cases, within a month, we aren’t even friends anymore and she has a framed photo and I have a broken bath bomb. I no longer see the worth of giving presents when no one places the worth in me.

I know I seem like a heartless person, but I do feel comfortable with my decision. This year, I was given one Christmas present from a friend and that was chocolate advent calendar. I actually thought that was great idea and loved it!

I know Jess and I have opposing views on this, but the best Christmas present she has given me is sticking by me and being my friend. That’s my Christmas present, friends. I’ll stick by you and be your friend. And that’s the best one I’ll ever get.

Do you buy Christmas presents for friends? If so, what do you buy them and how much would you spend? Or, are you like Abby, and stopped buying Christmas presents? Why?




Hurrah, dear Followers!

We have a fabulous addition to the Growing Pains Team – Jess. Jess is another teenager, just like me, and together we formed the idea of Growing Pains. Unfortunately, Jess hasn’t be able to join us up until now but that is not a worry – she is now ready to roll! I would like to warmly welcome Jess to the team and help make Growing Pains…keep growing!

Now, you are most likely thinking…who is this mysterious Jess? Don’t stress – I have already prepared a transcript of the ‘Get to Know Jess Interview, by the Growing Pains Team’!

Growing Pains Team: Hi Jess! What made you want to start a blog for teenagers?

Jess: Umm…I really love writing about teenage issues and I love blogging and making websites. 

GPT: How did you and Abby meet each other?

J: Well, we met through hockey and we both played for the same team. I pitied Abby because, she really wasn’t that good! Ha! Only joking. Abby and I just sort of hit it off (no pun intended) during a drill…and we lived happily ever after! And then, one night at a really fierce party (just joking again), we decided we wanted to travel the world together, try out Buddhism and then write a blog. 

GPT: Just some whacky questions from some of our followers…are you an emotional eater?


Poor Jess...she suffers from Emotional Eating.

Poor Jess…she suffers from Emotional Eating.

GPT: What movie did you cry like a baby in?

J: Marley and Me. (Cue sobbing.) Perks of Being a Wallflower. The Notebook. (Cue Abby sobbing). Beasts of the Southern Wild. 

GPT: Do you have plans of dropping out of school?

J: Hell to the no!

GPT: What types of pet do you own?

J: I own a dog – Maxi and a cat – Cooper. 

Abby: She also owns a pet rock. 

GPT: Last one. What is your guilty pleasure?

J: Bridget Jones’s Diary. “Now please shut up. I am very busy and important.” (Yes, she was quoting it). 

Alright, there’s a wrap. I hope you have gotten to know Jess with all the weird and wonderful facts.

It’s called…Growing Pains.


Being a teenager. It’s called growing pains.

Third time lucky one could say.

This is my third blog I have *attempted* to start. And, don’t even try looking at the other two dismal failures. It’s not worth it. Really. And I have already cancelled them…ha. So here I am, for the third time starting another blog.

Growing Pains is based upon growing up – through a teen’s eyes. It’s not an adult commenting on what they think teens should do or how to act. It is a teenage girl, talking about events that occur as a teenager; from how to survive teenage gossip to how to eat super healty, super yummy!

Being a teen is definitely not meant to be easy. In fact, it is a definite that you will need help. So, that’s why I’ll be posting everyday; to help make being a teen not so ugly or painful. Parents or elders/adults, you are also welcome. I think it will be most enlightening and helpful to understand why and how us ‘gen y’ers’ act and feel. Honestly.

It’s all about being a teenager. It’s called Growing Pains.