At Growing Pains, we would like to keep the environment as appropriate and friendly as possible. For this goal to be achieved, it is asked that when you comment on a post, it complies with the following policies.

1. The comment is in no way abusive to members of the Growing Pains team or Growing Pains community. The comment does not infer racism, sexism, discrimination, bullying, sexual references or language, bigotry or swearing. It is both in the Growing Pains Team and your best interests to keep this community a pleasant one. If a comment abuses these set rules, the comment will be deleted and the person who commented will be prevented from commenting.

2.  Growing Pains promotes the idea of “freedom-of-speech” and having a healthy debate with another member, however it does not permit any abuse of the guildelines outlined in ‘Policy 1’. It is encouraged to share your opinion on a topic or article; however, we request that you do so politely.

3. It is important to recognise that even though it requires your email to publish a comment, your email will be kept private and not publized. Your email will only be kept by Growing Pains to privately contact the commenter, if required. It is asked on your behalf, to not comment any of your personal information, only for your best interests and your safety.

4. Comments, on Growing Pains, help to create and add to the interesting conversation. It is for this purpose we ask that you, as the commenter, to keep the comment relevant to the topic which you are commenting on. This way, we can deliver valid and appealing comments.

5. Please limit the links which you post on the comment; to two. If comments are posted in this method, it means your comment will be posted faster and more effectively.

6. Due to the traffic and comments received, not every comment can be responded to. Please understand that every comment is read and appreciated, however not all comments can be personally responded to. Be aware that your comment wil be directly responded to via another comment, from Growing Pains and not a personal contact – email, phone etc.

7. It would be appreciated by Growing Pains, that if your comment does not appear within 24 hours, that you contact Growing Pains directly (via the Contact Us page) and we will ensure that your comment is posted immediately.

8. Any comment that is suspected of being spam or its contents are spam, will be deleted.

9. All the rights are reserved to Growing Pains which includes the blog owner, administrator, contributors, editor and/or author, in terms of the right to edit, block, approve, disapprove or mark as spam on comments.

10. There should be no personal attacks, whatsoever, at anyone in the Growing Pains Team or Growing Pains community. It is both unfair and a violation of our Comments Policy.

11. All comments posted are entirely the responsibility of the commenter and not Growing Pains, the blog owner, administrator, contributors, editor and/or author. If you submit a comment, you then agree that the comment and content is your own and therefore, holding Growing Pains harmless from any repercussions, liability or damages.

12. Comments are pre-moderated and this method is to protect Growing Pains and other members of the Growing Pains community. If your comment has not been pre-moderated within 24 hours, and you believe it is not a violation of the conditions, please contact the Growing Pains team (via the Contact Us Page).

13. Lastly, we aim for the topics and comments on this site to be like a person-to-person conversatioin and so we ask the you follow the same etiquette as you would in real life.

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