Acts of Kindness.



I ask myself everyday whatever happened to the human race. What happened to this evolved race where people could be kind, thoughtful and sincere? What happened to these general actions that are so much easier than being unkind, selfish and insincere?

There are so many actions and things I desperately want to change or help throughout my life. The list varies from domestic violence, bullying, mental health and equality but the first is to revive humanity. To bring back to life simple acts of kindness and generosity. Where it wasn’t a burden for the check-out girl to serve you; a place the elderley can hope for those younger would willingly help them in times of need and where being kind wasn’t exceptional but a way of life.

No matter what type of dream, perfection is the goal at the end. However, perfection isn’t possible or wanted at the same time. Perfection means nothing to work for and improve on; perfection would be a bore. So, when I say I want humanity to be revived, I know that there will be people who won’t follow. Some terrible actions would never cease. It won’t be perfection.

If my first dream, for humanity to be restored, was to be started, it would see aid in solving most, if not all the points on my list. I like to fantasise that it could help see the end to war, terrorism, human trafficking, poverty and homelessness, but unfortunately I can’t spread my ideals too far. Some of those movements are a large battle to fight, and surely one worth fighting for, but at this stage, I shall start small and move in a ripple effect.

Every day, I see people become more disillusioned and acts of kindness are a rarity. Few wave as signal of thanks in cars; show appreciation to the stranger who just picked up the pen they dropped or donate the 5 cents someone else is short. So, when I experienced a genuine act of kindness yesterday, it made me stop. Since, not being used to such things, I wondered whether this person is pranking me or just joking. They were not. It was an act of kindness.

I was miserably failing at Twitter. I tweet every day, I follow other people and I regularly read my home page but I was having trouble gaining followers and creating more interest for the blog, which is my main priority. Anyway, in my normal ‘following’ spree, I actually had someone follow me back – Lisa Andrews. As usual, I sent the normal message thanking them for their follow and to have a look at the blog. Typically, no one replies but Lisa did. She had actually looked at my blog and had taken an interest in what I wrote. It was from there, that Lisa has promoted Growing Pains and me on Twitter and she also helped on a few other things.

One could respond to this in two ways; believe that they are pranking or setting you up or to accept that there is another person in this world with the ability to be kind. I’ll take the latter. Since our society is very much a technological one, more and more acts of kindness will be acted not face to face. Of course, we have to take precautions in protecting ourselves from those who aren’t so kind, but I do believe sometimes we need to accept these acts for what they are.

Lisa didn’t have to say what she did or help me so much. She didn’t have to take her time out for me. But she did. And that’s what means the world to me. Unlike others, I say thank you Lisa for doing what you did. I truly appreciate it.

Every day, I think I become surer that humanity is dead but yesterday I was never so sure that it was so alive.

What do you think of acts of kindness? Do you show them or show thanks for them? Why? How often have you experienced an act of kindness?

 Lisa Andrews is 52 years old turning 53. She lives in Perth, Australia but is originally from Portland, Oregon in America where she trained to be a Real Estate agent. Aged 22 she moved to Perth and studied communications at UWA and is now an Advertising executive and CEO for her company Arangio. She has 3 daughters so she know how important it is for women to follow their dreams. Her twitter is @Lisaandrews1960


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  1. The act of kindness comes from within and I am pretty sure even the baddest person in the world has the capability to do so…it is just the environment individual is in that somehow buried this nature capability.

    Don’t loose hope and see the act of kindness as something rare…just do it and you will eventually discover it from the ones surrounding you….

    Do have a nice day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀


      • Well, there ought to be one party willing to be nice…why not you be the one? Of course, it may also have to depend on different situations…when it is time to be firm, stay firm to protect your stand.

        Just a penny of my thoughts, hope you don’t mind.

        Do have a great Sunday ahead~ Cheers!! 😀


  2. Abby that is a brilliant piece of writing. I’m so glad I could help you and I would know consider you as a friend. Life is all about helping each other and I’m glad I found someone worthy of that


  3. I am going to make 2013 my year of kindness and courtesy. Although I do try to be kind and courteous all year, sometimes I let the negativity of others to tick me off and allow my standards to drop. So my challenge to me (and I invite others to join me) is to persist with kindness and courtesy even in the face of adversity. Sure, sometimes when you are decent and obliging to someone, they either disregard your courtesy or kindness, or are even down and out rude to you, but I am going to remember the times when someone openly shows joy or appreciation for your kindness. It is sad when it is now the exception that people embrace a random act of kindness – an act of kindness is a privilege not a right and unfortunately too many people are either too busy to recognise such an act or simply have not been the recipient or giver of such things. It’s baby steps and with persistence, understanding, tolerance and manners we can make a difference and start a small ground swell of random acts of kindness.


    • I totally agree with you. Sometimes, I wonder whether being kind and courteous is really worth it when so many people don’t even acknowledge it. What to do, what to do….


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