How to By-Pass Teen Fashion Judgement



Okay, how many times have you been judged by a gaggle of girls at the shopping centre? They have harsh eyes which assess every piece of clothing you’re wearing, from the tiny anklet strung around your ankle, right up to pair of earrings which decorate your earlobes. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try and how many styles of clothing you wear, it never seems to be good enough for those Teenage Shopping Centre Fashion Critiques (TSCFC for short).


Any takers?

I have worn endless styles to please these criteria and used a never ending list of techniques to show them my confidence but I am never granted the final tick of approval. Their judgement also isn’t dependant on who you are shopping with. My theory was if I was shopping with my mother, they would judge me more than when I was with another friend. No. I. Was. Wrong. They still don’t approve. These TSCFCs also come in all shapes, sizes and GENDERS. Yes, you read me right. The males gender judges you. They think they’re so ‘hipster’ and you’re so ‘unhipster’. Please, I say, pull your pants up. Mothers do it as well. But they’re another basket case.Over, many years of those displeasing eyes, I have created a list of ‘How To By-Pass Teen Fashion Judgement’.

Walk with Confidence.

This tip is the most important to follow. Even if you look like a bag of rubbish , you must have confidence. Why? Because TSCFCs don’t have any confidence and they try and suck it from you like leeches. Make sure you keep it, even if you’re faking it.

Wear Sunglasses

This one may be a ‘band aid’ solution, however it works a treat! Wearing sunglasses allows a layer of detachment from whoever is looking.  Your eyes are the biggest give-away of how you are feeling. It’s better not to let them know. Sunglasses also make you look older which stops prying eyes. You are no longer the anxious 14 year old girl, but instead the confindent 20 year old! Score!

Avert Your Eyes

As said before, your eyes give away so much information, so…don’t look at them. If you look at TSCFCs, it gives them a hit; a hit of knowledge that they have successfully judged you. Keep your eyes straight ahead and don’t give them the pleasure.

Judge Right Back

Okay, so this one might not be ‘right’ for some people but it can be a tonne of fun. As mentioned earlier, the TSCFCs often have nothing in their lives but to be nasty, so it comes as a surprise when they encounter someone who judges them back. I know we are taught to be resilient and blah, blah, blah…but it’s hard to stand there and be shot daggers and not shoot some back. Come on people, can I hear an AMEN?

Alright, so there you have it. Four easy tips to help you by-pass the Teenage Shopping Centre Fashion Critiques.

Oh, if you’re reading TSCFCs, I’m coming to get you.

Have a look through the gallery of famous TSCFCs or those being judged by them…

Are you in desperate need of surviving those shopping monsters? How do you by-pass all their judgement? Are you one yourself?

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